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Cheshire Ltd

What we do.....

We provide a cleaning

Tarmac Drives Cleaning & Sealing

We also provide a driveway power washing service.

Although little maintenance is required, driveways do, over time, collect dirt, debris, moss and oil spills etc. on them.

We will clean the driveway for you, using our power washing technique to bring your driveway back to its natural colour.

Tarmacadam will tend to fade over time with the uv rays of the sun.

We will clear the driveway of all the dirt, debris, moss etc.

Make any repairs necessary.

We provide a tarmac sealing surface that will revive your drive bringing it back to looking nice and new once again.

The sealant will protect the driveway for longer.


Power Washing Tarmac

Roof Cleaning

Over time, your roof will look shabby with algae, lichen and moss collecting on its surface.

We can bring your roof back to its original state by removing all the dirt and moss with our power cleaning technique.

a full roof inspection is carried out, any damaged tiles are replaced 

The roof is power cleaned to remove algae, lichen and moss

Then we apply a fungicide to eliminate any moss spores 

A micro-porous clear sealant is applied allowing your roof to breathe


Safety is our priority so all necessary equipment eg: roof crawler ladders and safety harnesses are used at all times.



Block Paving Cleaning

We offer a block paving power wash for your driveway, path or patio.

Block Paving also requires little maintenance, but again, over time it will collect dirt, debris, moss and weeds.  You may also find oil spills etc. on the driveway too.  We endeavour to clean the driveway, tackle the weeds and give the driveway a thorough clean.


Block Paving Sealing

We can also offer a sealing service, which will keep the weed growth at bay and keep your driveway looking its best for much longer.

We also clean walls, steps and pathways.